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Client Testimonials and Recommendations

We receive daily calls and e-mails from satisfied clients. These are just a few that we would like to share...

I first became a client of AAA McKinstry Resume Service in 2016. I continue to use their services when I need an updated resume. Both Frank and Gary have been very professional. They have guided me through the process of updating my resume when needed. They are always available when I have questions. They are conscientious, reliable, and courteous. The quality of their work is excellent. Their feedback is honest and instructive. I highly recommend AAA McKinstry Resume Service to anyone who wants a new or updated resume/cv. Five stars.

Sarah Phillips
April 8, 2022

AAA McKinstry is worth every penny! Frank and Gary did their magic for both my wife and I. Both of us are mechanical engineers. Their resume secured us several interviews in few short months and we have both landed a job that we wanted! True professionals. Bravo for the service!

Djordje Spasic
March 11, 2022

I'm always the person my friends go to when they need help crafting a resume, so I was extremely impressed and thrilled with the wonders that Gary and Frank did with mine - it's AMAZING! I highly recommend teaming up with them to give your life's work a fresh look with experienced eyes!

Ila A.

Frank and Gary did an excellent job helping me create a resume that stood out, they e-mail you back very quickly as well! I got the job I interviewed for and have gotten many compliments on my new resume!

Grace Kelly

Frank did an amazing job on my resume. He and his team worked along with me to customize my resume and I generated a lot of interest which ultimately landed me a job. Thanks for your time and effort. I will continue with your services in the future.

C. Ballard, Certified Surgical Technologist

Gary and Frank were able to update and revise my 5-year-old outdated resume into a recruiter honeypot. They spent time with me to interview me on my current and previous roles to understand and extract the most valuable information. They helped me see the value in what I thought were average skills and qualities. With the resume they provided, I was able to accept a position within 4 months. I had 6+ other positions that caught the eye of recruiters and 4 of them led to in-person (or video) interviews with hiring managers over the course of a few months. The job I ultimately accepted submitted an offer 15% over the salary I was requesting. As a new mother, AAA McKinstry saved me a ton of time and stress; money well spent indeed!

Sydney Ogawa

Been using AAA McKinstry services for 20 years now and have always had the best results and the greatest service ever. Frank and Gary are the easiest to work with and deliver exactly what you need every time. Can't thank them enough.

Mike Gheno
September 1, 2021

AAA McKinstry provided me with a well written professional resume. They helped transform my basic resume into a high-level resume. Within days of uploading my resume I was called for an interview and I would say within a week I was offered the job. I highly recommend their extensive services. This company can produce results.

Tiffany L.
July 27, 2021

Had an excellent experience from start to finish with Frank and Gary assisting me in my resume. They were very knowledge, had great insight, and were both a pleasure to work with. When I asked for changes on my resume during the process, they were patient, and polite. They didn't try to rush me thru the process. And finally they made sure I was completely satisfied with the final outcome. I would highly recommend AAA McKinstry if you need help writing your resume, or just have general questions.

David B. L.
June 15, 2021

I have had wonderful experience with Frank and Gary. They know how to execute resume services in a timely manner and very professional and great expertise on what they do. They know how to make you stand out to employers and I get a call back from every resume I have applied for. Will always return to them.

Minnie Chaney
May 18, 2021

One of the best professional investments I’ve ever made was to hire AAA McKinstry to write my resume. Excellent quality work! When you invest so much time and effort into your career, it only makes sense to hire professionals to market your skills, and this team is outstanding! They offer a personalized approach, and they are easy to work with. Excellent wordsmiths who produce professional results! Highly recommend.

Aaron Shorter
April 27, 2021

Great resume writing service. Whether you're not savvy in writing your own or just don't have the time in your day to day life to plot everything out, Gary and Frank will surely handle it for you. Prices are modest but you do receive what you pay for with McKinstry. They were very accommodating, and very quick in their responses to my questions and concerns. They even updated my resume several months later to include the new job position I had obtained. That’s service!

Matt Wozniak
April 12, 2021

I have been using the services with AAA for almost 12 years they have written/revised all of my Health Care resumes. My first job 12 years ago I honestly believe I shouldn't have gotten , I still think it was the resume. That was 2008. I could never dream of going anywhere else, every time I walk into the office it is a warm welcome with all staff and especially Frank, nothing short of amazing . Everything's going to be very detailed, the staff at AAA will work to keep your business and I'm always happy ! *On a side note every time I post my resume or show it at an interview, I get lots of compliments. My Dad (General Contractor) my best friend also had resumes done last year.

Tiffany P.
April 7, 2021

My experience with AAA McKinstry Resume Service has been extraordinary from the first meeting. I knew immediately that they were the right team for me after reviewing and speaking to many other resume services. They created the perfect resume I needed to pursue my dream career. AAA McKinstry Resume Service is top notch!!

Sincerely, Carla Gardner
March 9, 2021

AAA McKinstry Resume Service helped me get the teaching job I wanted. Frank and Gary were efficient, thorough, and professional. I continue to use their services every time I am needing to update my resume or cover letter and they are always available to help ( I have been going to them since 2015 and they still remember me when I call!). I highly recommend using AAA McKinstry Resume Services when you are not just looking for a job but for a career, they are definitely a valuable resource.

Laura Martinez
February 15, 2021

I searched for several good resume services earlier this year and came across AAA Mckinstry in Tustin. I read all about them and loved what I read. I met up with Frank and Gary by appointment. They immediately made me feel comfortable, they were genuinely nice and professional. I felt I was in good hands. My primarily goal was to find a great writing resume service who could articulate who I was using my skills to reach top notch businesses in my field, and they did that. Thanks to Gary and Frank my resume stood out on positions I have applied. Several HR and business managers have reached out to me saying they were impressed with my resume. I am currently working and so grateful to them. I highly recommend AAA Mckinstry in Tustin.

Sylvette Carver

I got my resume done in 2014. They did such a good job. I was needing to reenter back into the mortgage business after leaving for a retail job. They were able to showcase my career in mortgage in a very creative way so that I was able to get hired to a good mortgage company. Now I am back to update my resume with my current job. They are very experienced and have excellent customer service. I would recommend AAA McKinstry Resume Service for all your resume needs.

Shannon Salido

AAA has been great! I got my resume redone by then less than a year ago and I got a job within a month. It wasn't just the resume make over that helped but the career advice, LinkedIn advice, cover letter help, and all the other ways Frank and Gary were helpful. I needed to add the position I am currently working on my resume and they offer a free addition within a year. Best investment into my future I have done.

Christina G.
November 3, 2020

I was apprehensive at first on spending the money on a resume, but I reconsidered since I was investing in my future. I took my niece, a recent graduate of CSFU, and myself to meet with Frank. It was the most informative visit and they were so patient with both us. My new resume was sent out to employers and within 4 weeks I had a job offer. My niece had a job offer in two weeks with her professionally done resume. They offer a no obligation consultation but it is worth the time and money. I intend to return to this company if I ever need to update my resume in the future.

Cindy Baisa
October 15, 2020

Gary and Frank are very professional and great to work with. They responded to emails and phone calls in a timely manner. Their suggestions for helping me draft my resume were detailed and well explained. Gary and Frank have been very helpful and available to answer any questions I had. Highly recommend!

Emily Fleniken
Review 8/20/20

I contacted AAA McKinstry 2 years ago because I was in the job market after working many years for the same company. Frank and Gary did an excellent job revising a very outdated resume. They also provided great information about interviewing which I needed since I hadn't looked for a job in years. I recently reached out to them to update my resume and the process is so easy because they still had my resume on file so all I had to do was give them information about my current job.

Debra Clarke
Google Review 7-28-20

Proficient, Thorough, Articulate. AAA McKinstry services generated a well-written professional resume that helped me secure a management position. The resume highlighted my skills, experiences, and attributes. The format, structure, and organization showcased my upward career mobility. I highly recommend their extensive services. This company can produce results. Thank you Frank and Gary!

RJ Uchiyama
July 7, 2020

I got my resume done in 2014. They did such a good job. I was needing to reenter back into the mortgage business after leaving for a retail job. They were able to showcase my career in mortgage in a very creative way so that I was able to get hired at a good mortgage company. Now I am back to update my resume with my current job. They are very experienced and have excellent customer service. I would recommend AAA McKinstry Resume Service for all your resume needs.

Shannon Salido
June 11, 2020's the deal, their sorcery is pretty real...
I was laid off after holding a position at a company for over a decade. I was desperate, my credentials were in disarray and outdated. I just wasn't getting traction with my prospects.

So, I decided to up my game, invest in professional help...enter..AAA McKinstry. They came up with good reviews-I decided to take the dive. They ain't cheap, but I gotta tell you - it was the best investment, hands down.

We got my "story" down and I recall only a few revisions and the 'final draft' was ready in very little time. For once, I had the confidence that my resume could truly tell my story. My LinkendIn page was updated with this new resume - I was able to respond to leads on various sites, as well as including in correspondence with peers, et al. I was getting a steep response, in a very short time from the positions I was chasing down.

WHY-? Messrs., Frank and Gary have this way of gathering your info and turning it into 'content' that employers' own search filters steer into, immediately. That content was streamlined, communicated in correct prose and formatted to really exceed the height requirement to get me on the big-kid rides.

Folks-it works, they're the landed me a full-time position with world-recognized OEM here in Southern California. I even had them prepare my niece's resume as a college graduation gift - and she is starting her career with a company that specifically commented on her resume.

Two years into aforementioned job - I decided that it would prudent to have them refresh my credentials, capture a snapshot of where I am with my career. I'm glad I got the best in the business to help keep my story relevant, current and communicate well - I highly recommend AAA McKinstry.

Steven Soto
June 1, 2020

AAA McKinstry is a Professional services company with decades of experience. Both Gary and Frank are friendly and knowledgeable on what recruiters are looking for. They will ask you in-depth questions about your current and past jobs to ensure your resume portrays the proper picture of you.

They have helped transform my resume from basic bullet points to high-level management-worthy, eventually earning me a Director position. If you're looking for resume help, I'd highly recommend you meet with this company.

Remember these guys are experts and you probably need a new set of eyes on your resume to get it to the next level.


They helped me to fix my resume and the first place I sent my new resume was a bingo. Thank you! It was worth every penny.

Olga O.
March 10, 2020

So it had been more than 10 years since I updated my resume. I wanted my resume to be professionally made so I enlisted the help of AAA McKinstry Resumé Service through a referral from a friend. AAA McKinstry exceeded my expectations on updating my resume. Frank and Gary provided me with insight on current resume standards from formatting to key words, which helped provide me with an updated resume that best showed my 10 years of experience of work and college degree.

A year later my company went through a merger and I went back to AAA McKinstry to update my resume so that I could properly show my previous and current position before and after the merger. AAA McKinstry also provides you with information on how to properly apply for new positions, as well as what to do before and after an interview. I am confident that with the resume that Frank and Gary created for me that if I ever decide to apply for a new job internally or externally, my resume will stand out above the rest. Thank you again Frank and Gary for all the help.

Jeffrey Magsino

Thank you for awesome writing service. Makes life and the difficulties transitioning to another arena of my career so much easier. Great counseling, amazing advice and always willing to update. Highly recommend their writing services. You'll be very happy you did!

Elisa Ramos

I am very happy to have found AAA McKinstry to help me update my resume. Their one-on-one consulting is very helpful. I applied to many jobs and got very few responses with my original resume (I even had people advise me on improvements). As soon as I started using my resume from McKinstry, I had many job interviews and got a great job within a month. I strongly recommend them.

Scott Morse
December 18, 2019

Frank and Gary are great! I've used their services for 8 years now and have always had a great experience. They are very kind and personable. True professionals! They are detail oriented and provide a quality product. Also I've gotten every job I applied for with the resume from them so there's that.

Terence Gordon
October 24, 2019

I moved to the US from the UK in December after my wife began work in Irvine. I had to wait 3 months for a work permit so during this time I visited the guys at AAA McKinstry and had a Resume created. The whole process was very easy and in the space of a week I had an amazing Resume for the start of my job hunt. My new Resume highlighted skills I had acquired that I had not even thought about and has been a fundamental tool in my job search in this new age of online applications.

I was a police officer in the UK but due to not being a US citizen I needed a whole career change. My Resume has assisted in me obtaining a new career in management and I cannot thank the guys highly enough. If you need a Resume then do not hesitate in contacting AAA McKinstry.

Vincent B.
September 25, 2019

This review is long overdue. I've been using AAA McKinstry since my early twenties. I am in my early forties. As long as AAA McKinstry continues to provide their services I will continue to use and recommend. Why? Because they simply are the BEST!! Frank and Gary are the absolute best at what they do. They know the market like no other company because their doors have been open since 1952. EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE of the market is who AAA McKinstry IS. If you want your resume to stand out from dozens, you NEED to call Frank and Gary.

Maggie Silva
September 12, 2019

Since approximately 1996, I've relied on AAA McKinstry. Only Frank and Gary could professionally outline that I've mastered an HVAC apprenticeship and transitioned to working with Mutual Funds, Variable Annuities and Credit Analyst positions. For over 20 Years, they kept my resume sharp and placed me in charge of where and who I worked. Nothing comes close to their follow up, follow through and attention to detail.

They've kept me ahead of what's trending in the job market and their services have paid for themselves a million times over. The pain investing in a professional resume might last a few weeks. The regret of procrastinating and not developing your professional resume, by the best of the best, will last a lifetime. Twenty plus years is a long time to be grateful I called AAA McKinstry.

Michael Allen
August 13, 2019

I used Gary and Frank's services in 2012 when I wanted to change career paths. Their expertise helped me land in a new field of business. I came back to them this year and they haven't missed a beat and continue to provide high quality, informative and timely service. Thoroughly recommend to family and friends.

Michael Lindsay
August 5, 2019

AAA Resume service is the best resume service ever, I had my resume done with them over 20 years ago, and when I needed to update my resume they were able to help me. They quickly responded to my e-mail. Frank & Gary are the most Friendly & Professional people I've met. I won't trust my resume needs to anyone else.

Darrell Smith-Fischer
May 16, 2019

I was introduced to Frank and Gary in late 2015. Since then, I have used their resume writing/updating services twice and have achieved desirable results. They are easy to work with, and their process is simple and straightforward. The work that they do also allows one to self-examine previous work experiences for future career thought, planning and presentation. Ultimately, you get what you pay for, as well as what you can offer to help them complete the final product. I would recommend AAAMckinstry to anyone that is career-focused.

Harry P.K.
March 27, 2019

If you want to land in the job you desire, I highly recommend AAA McKinstry for resume service. Frank and Gary are very professional and know what exactly employers are looking for. If you want to land in the job you desire, I highly recommend AAA McKinstry for resume service. Frank and Gary are very professional and know what exactly employers are looking for.

They do a one-on-one meeting to get to know you better and understand your needs to prepare a great resume. Many other resume services do not offer this. This company in deed, cares about the customer. In my honest opinion, price is totally worth it. You get what you paid for. I highly recommend this company for anyone who is looking to get the resume done.

Bruno Rex
February 8, 2019

I have used this company to keep my resume updated for years and have referred numerous people to them. Process is simple and takes a lot of stress away from writing a resume yourself. They are very professional and personal. Frank has never let me or my referrals down. Even sending my son there for his first resume after graduating college!

Tonia L.
January 16, 2019

I contacted McKinstry Resume Service and initially spoke with Frank. I set an appointment to meet Frank and Gary in person. At the appointment, Frank and Gary were incredible listeners and really wanted to know who the target audience would be reviewing my CV. In few days later I received a draft of my CV and needless to say, I was incredibly impressed. They made a few adjustments to my draft and the finished product exceeded my expectations.

If you have a lengthy employment history and really need a company to fine tune your CV, contact McKinstry. The feedback I have received thus far has been incredible. Frank and Gary are the consummate professionals. My three sons who are in college will be using their services in the near future.

Scott D.
January 7, 2019

Gary and Frank are the best; I've been using their service for 12 years. Their entire staff is first-class. I decided to update my resume this year, and as usual, they nailed it. They ask in-depth questions about my past and present career successes and future aspirations. Gary highlighted my accomplishments in a first-person voice, while emphasizing my key strengths per my previous jobs. These gentlemen are detailed, insightful, strategic, and always knowledgeable on what employers are looking for via Zip Recruiter, Indeed and alike. It is a great return on your investment. Give them a call and start the process.

Tommy W.
October 30, 2018

Gary and Frank are great. I got 12 interviews with their resume service, and landed a job. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Peter S.
September 28, 2018

My husband and I have utilized the resume service multiple times. Frank and Gary are very knowledgeable and their expertise has helped us tremendously. Not only do they assist with creating a professional resume, but they have given us much helpful advice which has helped us get into wonderful careers.

Erika F.
August 3, 2018

Thank you very much Frank and Gary for my amazing resume!! It wasn't only an amazing resume, they had it done in one day!! I got the job at Disneyland I heard today. Again thank you for your amazing work!!

Nancy S.
July 13, 2018

I have worked with Frank Wiedner on a couple of occasions over the years. He was extremely knowledgeable about the employment industry and a very helpful resource. He created a resume for me that "pops," utilizing certain keywords that attracted many employers who therefore reached out to me.

He made my resume as well as my cover letter look and read extremely professional, which also included unique, attractive borders, which allowed them both to really stand out. Before too long, I got the job that I wanted on both occasions. I can say with confidence that working with Frank & AAA McKinstry will definitely help you receive many employer inquiries and help you get that job too!

Richard S.
May 30, 2018

I made an appointment with these guys so I could update my resume. I had called a few other places and they were all able to do it with very little information. I spoke with Frank he talked with me and asked what I was looking for and what level position I wanted. I then talked with Gary he interviewed me so he could get the correct information for my resume.

This was the only place that would meet in person. After they finished my resume I started to send them out.What I noticed is I had a call back about 90% of the time. I started to interview with new companies and I would ask about my resume specifically (how many the received and why me) every time I asked the answer was the same about 75 resumes on the desk and I got picked out every time.

It was well worth my time and money spent for the new resume. I have a new position with a great company. I would recommend these guys any time. Thank you Gary And Frank for the great resume.

John V.
May 3, 2018

AAA McKinstry is an amazing company that produces an amazing product. I called other companies to get information about their process, and this is the only company that would meet with me in person to discuss my specific needs. During our appointment, Frank gave me great insight as to what employers want to see in a resume and how resumes have changed over the recent years.

Hiring managers see a resume and make a decision within seconds whether they are going to keep it for further consideration. Frank and Gary provide a resume that will get chosen! They gave me several options of templates to choose from, and then worked with me closely on the content. I was very impressed with the finished product. And potential employers were impressed with it too, because I received several phone calls for interviews, after submitting my resume to them.

My overall experience was great - Frank and Gary stay updated on what employers want, give great customer service, don't oversell you, deliver a quality product quickly, and are available for additional assistance. I love the resume they wrote for me and highly recommend them to anyone who needs a new or updated resume. Thank you Frank and Gary for all of your help!!

Tammy Crabtree
March 19, 2018

I Had Frank write my resume. They change the way I had it and made me shine as a prospective new hire to a company. I have had numerous offers and I have taking their advice on type and color of paper as it make me stand out of the stacks of resumes on the prospective new company. I have asked most of these people how many applicants and did I stand out. Answer is I have been picked out of over 100 resumes every time... The proof is in the choice I get an interview every time. I would highly recommend you go see Frank and Gary if you are wanting to update your resume for today's job market.. Great Job Frank and Gary. Keep it up.

March 07, 2018

I first made an appointment with AAA McKinstry Summer 2017 for my free consult on how to improve my resume. I was not looking for employment but wanted to see what my options were in regards to revamping and updating my Personal CV. I met with Frank and he got me to fill out a form with all of my talents and qualifications. I also brought him a copy of outdated resume which we went through together.

Because I wasn't looking for employment, I decided not to move forward and pay for the services at the time. There was no pressure, he gave me his business card and said if anything changes in the future, he would be happy to help. Last month I decided to make a follow up appointment with Frank. I still was not looking to leave my current employer, but I decided that I wanted to get my resume updated anyways. The second appointment was nice and quick as I had already reviewed the templates and knew what package I was going to get.

It took them about a week to create my new resume and I was absolutely floored and amazed by what they did. I am so happy and satisfied with the professionalism and product that they created for me. I am now confident saying that if any opportunities come my way for promotions or new positions within or outside my company I am able to apply without hesitation. Thank you Frank, Gary and team for your outstanding service! I look forward to recommending you to my friends in the future!

Christan Yuzwa
January 29, 2018

I have had a resume done by Frank and Gary years ago, when I needed an update they were there with all my past information, they update my resume and it was top notch. I would recommend this office for your needs. Everyone there is very professional and work with you on a personal level. The advice they give for presentation is a bonus you won't find anywhere else. Thank you Frank and Gary.

Celia E.
December 7, 2017

I stopped by the office because I was need of a rework of my current resume. Frank and Gary were both insightful, informative and presented me with a finished product that I was very impressed with. I will have to say though, their services are not the cheapest of choices. They have a tiered price range on their services, which I chose the best that I can afford at this time.

I do feel I will revisit them to update again and will ask to upgrade to the next tier offered in the future. (Frank assured me that once they've created a resume for you, the next tier up will be discounted). I found their friendly, personable service to be a lost art when compared to other resume servicing. They were thorough and took their time with their questions to gather as much data about me to formulate a concise representation of my working history on paper.

They worked on my resume for a couple of days to insure I'd have it ready to go for my scheduled interview and delivered as promised. My personal opinion is a resume needs to be as polished and updated as possible, since it's our first impression to our potential employers. We all know that first impressions are the most important.

A resume being just as much important as when we walk through that door to shake a new employer's hand. I'm willing to go that extra mile, if it means increasing my chances of landing that key position at a company I seek. I'll be back to update my resume again when in need. I would recommend anyone to Frank and Gary.

Lawrence L.
October 29, 2017

I really liked the services of Frank, Gary and Tracy. Very professional ... concerned with details so that an attractive CV and bio are developed. I used them since 2014 and really enjoyed working with them. Found and changed jobs here and there. All here are asking who developed your CV. I will continue using them as needed. Very happy with them and recommend them for anyone looking for an attractive CV and bio.

Mohamed T.
August 5, 2017

I have used AAAA services twice within the last 15 years. The office is conveniently located near the freeway. The service is quick and they allow minor changes to the resumé with a quick turn time. I have recommend this service to friends in need of a professional touch on their resumé.

Johann B.
June 19, 2017

I have worked with Frank Wiedner on a couple of occasions over the years. He was extremely knowledgeable about the employment industry and a very helpful resource. He created a resumé for me that "pops," utilizing certain keywords that attracted many employers who therefore reached out to me.

He made my resumé as well as my cover letter look and read extremely professional, which also included unique, attractive borders, which allowed them both to really stand out. Before too long, I got the job that I wanted on both occasions. I can say with confidence that working with Frank & AAA McKinstry will definitely help you receive many employer inquiries and help you get that job too!

Richard S.
April 12, 2017

I was never confident about my resumé until now. They have said everything I've been trying to say, I just couldn't put it together. Thanks a lot! I strongly recommend AAA McKinstry Personnel Agency & Resumé Services.

John Kim
February 17, 2017

Thank you, Frank and Gary. I sincerely appreciate all your help. As a graduate student getting my CV and cover letters completed for a job search in addition to finishing up my dissertation, your service has been a life saver. Always personable, professional, and expeditious I recommend and have recommended your services to others. I found you through a BBB search. And, your resumé writing and professional services were only 1 of 3 in the nation with an A+ rating. You all have definitely earned it. Thanks so much!

Linda T.
December 22, 2016

I wanted in early 2015 to develop and an attractive CV and following an extensive search on the web, I decide to approach AAA McKinstry - based on excellent and good reviews posted by others. An interview was conducted and a number of details were requested by Frank and Gary. I was waiting to validate the outcomes with the positive comments posted by others. When I received the first version of the CV back in 2015, I really liked it and was excited - such an attractive CV that summarized nicely and sufficiently my +18 years experiences in 3 pages.

I asked then Frank and Gary to develop an attractive bio which they did perfectly. Many were so impressed by my CV and bio. I was about to move to a new phase of my career that is being an independent consultant and the develop documents by Frank and Gary helped me a lot in finding many consultancy projects.

Then I found another full time job and the documents developed by Frank and Gary played an important role in this. The most interesting part is that CV and profile are designed following exchange of ideas and thoughts from both parties (me and Frank & Gary) on the desired outcomes and my wishes. Coming from the middle east, I am so happy with services provide by AAA McKinstry. I have used them several times and I will continue coming back to them again and again. Also, I recommend them for others. Thank you Frank and Gary; your services are excellent. Finally, both are very humble and down to earth - I fully trust them. Thanks so much AAA McKinstry.

December 13, 2016

First time in my professional career I used AAA McKinstry agency for my resumé as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. The resumé was very precise and impressive. I have been lucky to get the job in very first interview. Thanks to this agency as they helped me a lot for covering and thank you letters. Not only that, they helped with for updating the information in a timely manner as and when I requested. Very professional and not just one time relationship but always same positive attitude to be helpful. I strongly recommend this agency as it is very essential to leave your first impression and you can do it with the help of specific instructions and an impressive resumé.

Ana J.
October 20, 2016

I initially had my resumé done by Frank and Gary in 2010 and had updated my resumé three times. Each updated resumé provided me with job opportunities throughout the United States and increased my chances of landing a great paying job with many Fortune 500 companies. I strongly recommend AAA McKinstry Personnel Agency & Resume Services.

Henry L.
August 11, 2016

Thank you so much for overhauling my resumé. I really appreciate the attention you gave me and the time you took to gather information about my background and experience. You have done an outstanding job promoting my strengths, skills and what I can do for a prospective employer. I am very pleased with the result and the resumé has worked for me. I will recommend your services to anyone who is in need of a well written resumé.

Letty M.

I have been meaning to write this review for a while now. I went into see Gary and Frank after seeing the great reviews on Yelp and knew that my resumé could use a little polishing. I spoke with Frank and could tell that he has had many years of experience and knew exactly how companies think, what they look for, and most importantly what you need to get you in the front door to interview.

I was able to pick the design I wanted and after looking over the changes I thought it appeared a little strange, very different from anything I would have done but decided to roll with it. I started to post on Craigslist, and was surprised by the number of hits I received. I was still working at the time so I started calling in sick to start interviewing and after a month landed a fantastic job with much better pay and better hours. I will definitely keep Gary and Frank in mind if I am to switch jobs in the future and will need to update my resumé. Definitely worth every penny!

Brian H.
May 2, 2016

I just want to say thank you for what AAA McKinstry has done for me. I accepted a job offer in line with my career goals and I could not have done it without your team's help. Thanks and I wish the best for AAA McKinstry and your future endeavors.

Miguel D.
March 4, 2016

I've had the opportunity of working with AAA McKinstry over the past several years. I found them by searching on the Internet and they offered exactly what I was looking for, 5 STAR SERVICE! On each occasion both Frank and Gary gave me the full attention I needed to get my resumé ready for my next career advancement. Gary listened and took very detailed notes of my work history and any additional highlights.

I received my resumé back in a timely manner so that I would be able to review and make any adjustments needed. At the end of each of my appointments Frank took the time to share some key bullet points that companies were looking for when hiring. I appreciate all the time that AAA McKinstry took to support my career advancements!

Trish N.
February 20, 2016

I have had the pleasure to work with Frank and Gary in the preparation of my resumé. These guys are professional and thorough. I had my resumé written by them in 2007 when I was searching for my first Director position. I gave my resumé to one company and landed the job. The services that Frank provides is not just limited to writing your resumé. He has great advice on the entire employment process from sending in your resumé to companies, to writing the after interview letters. When you go to AAA McKinstry Personnel Agency and Resumé Services, you are hiring a Team to land that dream job. I recently needed to have my resumé updated. I found my resumés written by AAA McKinstry and I discovered that they do lifetime resumé updating at a nominal cost (Well Worth It!).

I was so thrilled that these guys were still in business, at the same location I visited in 2007. If you are looking to prepare or update your resumé, run, don't walk, to AAA McKinstry Personnel Agency and Resumé Services!

Chris O.
January 26, 2016

I spent most of 2014 looking for work after I was laid off. I was having a lot of trouble getting call backs and getting interviews based on my old resumé. I decided it needed to be revamped and went into AAA McKinstry for help. During my appointment I spoke to Frank and he highlighted what current employers were looking for in a resumé.

I took him up on the service and working with Gary they were able to completely makeover my resumé. It had a new look and feel, but more importantly the content really captured my previous experience in a manner that I feel would make me stand out from other candidates. After a few weeks of putting my resumé out in the market I was able to get more call backs and interviews.

I eventually landed my current job and part of that was definitely the resumé AAA McKinstry helped me build. I continue to use their services today for updating my resumé and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for resumé help.

Paolo A.
January 7, 2016

Let me just say 5 stars doesn't do this company any justice! I like most of you that are thinking about having your resumé done by writing professionals was on the fence, but I must say it was the BEST investment I EVER made. Frank and Gary made me feel comfortable and pulled all the experience I had and some I didn't know I had. The process was like that of your dream car, how it starts in all these thousands of pieces then materializes into this beautiful machine that all your friends and neighbors envy you for.

If this review hasn't made you pick up the phone and call to schedule your appointment my resumé was only on Indeed for less than 3hrs before I got a hit and I'm happy to say I'm working and that the services Frank and Gary provided me has paid for itself 3 times over! So do yourself a favor and invest in you.

Frederico Williams
December 16, 2015

It is with the highest degree of pleasure that I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of AAA McKinstry Professional Resumé Service. AAA McKinstry provided their expertise when I needed a professional and knowledgeable resumé service. Being a high school principal, I was looking for a position out of state. Employers are always looking for the best available talent in the job market.

The staff at AAA McKinstry, Frank, Gary, and Tracy focused on my work experience, educational credentials and most of all on my communication skills as a team player and manager. They also guided me through the interview process. I thank Frank, Gary, and Tracy for preparing my resumé as if they were applying for a career position themselves. The quality and presentation of my resume was second to none. I highly recommend AAA McKinstry Resumé Service for all of your professional needs.

Domingo Garcia
November 2, 2015

My wife and I used their services 26 years ago in 1989 when we graduated from Cal State Fullerton. We both landed great jobs and now our son who is a U.C.I. graduate is using their services for his resumé. I think the repeat business speaks volumes about their great services.

Ban Nguyen
October 8, 2015

I went in to have my first professional resumé done, and I'm glad I came here! Frank & Gary are very professional & knowledgeable in the way they do business. The services offered by them after your resumé is finished is re- assuring that they will be there for future needs. The resumé, by the way, came out very nice. The information they extracted from me was well written on to the resumé. I would highly recommend AAA Mc Kinstry if you are looking to have a great resumé done. Now on to positive results in a job search.

Al A.
September 28, 2015

After years of creating my own resumés, In this competitive job market (2015) it was time to see a professional. I googled AAA Personal Agency & Resumé Services. I sat down with Frank and Gary, and they are very knowledgeable about how a resumé should look to an employer. I have been very lucky with my updated resumé. Many Job recruiters say my resumé stands out better than the rest they have read.

Joe S.
August 21, 2015

If you are serious about having a solid resumé, that will elevate your potential and sell you exactly how you NEED to be sold: AAA McKinstry is the place to go. Gary & Frank guided me though the entire process, and I got some really useful advice along the way. They use lightly colored paper and a variety of borderlines that really makes your resumé stand out in a stack; once the employer picks out your resumé, they'll be happy they did. Gary's skillful writing and Frank's professional expertise, left me with a resumé that I'm seriously excited about. Worth every penny. 5 stars, without question.

Jayden Lyon
May 5, 2015

I have used these gentlemen (Frank and Gary) for many years since 2009 in making my resumé, I have asked them again to help me update my resumé in today's job market (July 2015). I am satisfied of the results. Frank and Gary's input and exchanges of ideas are the most exciting part of the process. The finished product is always professional and I get "Goosebumps" when I read it and see it.

Thank you Frank and Gary! You guys are awesome! I recommend them to anyone who wanted an above average resumé (EXCELLENT, that is!) and both are very humble and very approachable.

Ivan-Earl B. Abaya
July 16, 2015

I had a wonderful experience with AAA McKinstry Personnel Agency & Resumé Services. I first sat down with Frank, who was very informative and knowledgeable about the importance of updating my resumé to compete with today's job market. After receiving my updated professional resumé, I was extremely happy with the results. Frank, Gary, and their entire team put a great deal of effort in making me stand out in my resumé. I would definitely recommend their service. These guys are aces in my book!

Marcus D.
March 11, 2015

AAA McKinstry is the best place for your resumé service. I did my resumé in 2006 and just came back to them to revise and update my employment.

Michael Nguyen

I highly recommend AAA McKinstry. They are very professional and take time to understand the type of positions you had and to present them in a way that will grab an employer’s attention. Frank and Gary have opened my eyes to possibilities that I never would have even thought of searching for. Now I truly feel that I have several options in my career search and will not be limited. This office has great follow up procedures I will continue to use this service.

Elizabeth M.
January 5, 2015

I would recommend AAA McKinstry over any other resumé service. I went through multiple other agencies that "claimed" to be among the best writers out there. It wasn't until I found AAA McKinstry that I was finally able to get a job. Their way of creating resumés far exceeded what I was getting elsewhere. Frank and Gary take the time to fully understand what you are looking for, and put it on paper in a way that will grab anyone's attention. I will continue to use AAA McKinstry for all my resumé needs.

Michael Beltran
December 18, 2014

I am an attorney with 25 years experience who found myself on the unfortunate position of looking for a new job. I did a lot of on line research to see who could best help me prepare a resumé with a big hole in the middle during which time I was raising my kids. I wasn't impressed with the "mills' who have you speak to someone over the phone and give you a "cookie cutter" resumé. I really needed to stand out in order to get a GOOD job in this very job unfriendly climate in Socal.

Enter Frank and Gary at AAA McKinstry. I met with them face to face. They interviewed me in person to get my relevant info. I felt very "taken care of." What I received was a beautifully done, very professional resumé. The firm that hired me commented that they knew I was a quality applicant as soon as they saw my resumé! Enough said! A big "thank you" to AAA McKinstry!!!! Yay, I now have a wonderful job!

Trish V.

I was looking for a job for a while and had hardly heard back from recruiters. Then I decided to go to for professional resumé writer. I found AAA McKinstry and sent my resumé for review. I got a response back from Frank on the same day. I talked with Frank and Gary, they spent reasonable time with me to discuss about my previous experiences and education. I felt good about our meeting and signed up for my resumé write up. Results of my new resumé were amazing and started to get calls from recruiters. I landed a job soon after, I highly recommend AAA McKinstry services for resumé writing.

Kamini Patel
November 18, 2014

AAA McKinstry is the best resumé service. I have been using them since 2009 and their expert writing skills puts my resumé at the highest level. It has enabled me to have a wonderful and successful career as an Accounting Manager. Frank and Gary are extremely helpful, professional and great to work with. Thank you AAA McKinstry!!

Anna P.
November 7, 2014

I reached out to AAA McKinstry back in 2009 for a resumé writing services. Frank and Gary took their time to get to know my past work experience and delivered a resumé that to this date impresses many recruiters and employers. Since 2009, I have made at least two updates and each time Frank and Gary do an amazing job at providing the best profile that highlights my strengths, skills and work experience.

The recruiter who introduced me to my current employer, complimented just as others have done, how exceptional and well-organized my resume looks. I am currently with the same employer, no plans to change jobs at this point, but the recruiters who have my resumé on file, always reach out to me for other job opportunities. I highly recommend AAA McKinstry resumé writing services.

Armine Manukian
October 17, 2014

In March 2014 I was laid-off from my managerial job after seven years. I updated my resumé (myself) and began the search for a new job. After a month of no interest, I decided I needed professional help. I called AAA McKinstry and talked with Mr. Frank Wiedner, his professional disposition convinced me to set up an appointment for a free consultation. Once there, we discussed my professional experience and reviewed multiple formats of resumés. It was at that moment that I realized how outdated my resumé was. At no time was Mr. Wiedner pushy to make a sale - he listened to what I had to say and let their work speak for him.

I chose a resume format, and spent a little over an hour talking with Mr. Gary Grace providing more details of my professional history. I received the new resumé about a week later. Within two weeks of using the resumé I was averaging two to three interviews weekly (employers were complimentary to the resumé format). Included in AAA McKinstry's service was valuable interview support / guidance.

Within two months of receiving AAA McKinstry's services, I was offered and accepted a managerial position. I cannot say that this will happen for every customer that hires AAA McKinstry - but in my case, their work provided me the opportunity to get through the door and present my skills.

Tom C., Anaheim, CA
July 30, 2014

My friend did my resumé after 26 yrs. of never needing one. I was re-locating to Florida from California. So I decided to let AAA McKinstry give it a try. I sat down with Frank and he gave me so much advice and went well past my given 15 minute consultation. I see Frank is very dedicated to his profession. Afterward I sat down with Gary and he was unbelievable, with his knowledge also.

These both guys were so patient with me. The first job I applied for in Florida with my new resumé from AAA McKinstry online I got a call for an interview the next day. I called Gary and he with no charge went over a mock interview with me. Well I didn't get that job, probably because I was so nervous. This was my first interview after 26 yrs. The second job I applied for online, I received a call back in four hours of applying for the job. The company said they were impressed by my resumé. I got the job, and I am currently working for the company and loving my job here in Florida.

For me it was well worth the money I paid for my resumé because of the salary and benefits I receive from this job. I just signed up my daughter and her boyfriend to get their resumés done by AAA McKinstry. I am not a fake and just to show you I will give my email address and if you have any questions feel free to write me. I do not work for this company only a very happy customer.

Daren B.
June 18, 2014

I just want to say thank you so much for the resumé!! I had my first interview today and the resumé was all they talked about. They kept saying how impressed they were with the resumé and such and got the job on the spot! :) Thank you so much!

Tammy Na
June 13, 2014

I just wanted to thank you again for helping me create a great resumé. I get many compliments on it! And have gotten far more responses compared to my previous resumé. I also appreciate all of your advice and counseling during my job search. I will continue to send referrals your way!

April 1st, 2014

This review is long overdue. I have been looking for a job in my new field of echocardiography for over two years. After my wife suggested that I go to professional resumé writers, like her co-worker did. I met with Frank, and he broke down the psychology of resumés. This all seemed to make sense to me, so I coughed over the money (They have different plans, priced accordingly).

I sent my resumé out the very next week to three openings. (Mind you, I have sent out lots of resumés and online submissions, to no avail!) I got a call from a private medical group! I called Frank, and he offered me more advice on interview etiquette. I am very happy to say that I am working at that very group now! I can only attribute this to the savvy repackaging of my qualifications! Thank you AAA McKinstry!!!


After several years of writing and updating my own resumé, I thought it was time to see a professional to really make it stand out. I researched online for quite some time and then decided to go to Frank and Gary and I was really happy that I did. They made the process extremely easy and the end result was a really well written and professional looking resumé that really stood out! I've received so many compliments on it and I feel it really helped me get the job that I really wanted. I highly recommend them and will only use their services from now on. Thank you so much for everything!

Faythe Grooms
January 24, 2014

I have used AAA McKinstry 3-4 times to update my resumé over the years and with each update I was praised by interviewers and instructors on the quality of my resumé. Additionally, I have referred both my wife and daughter to them and they were also successful in getting hired. The staff has always been extremely helpful and friendly. My most recent experience was especially helpful. I am lacking in computer skills and was having a difficult time with the EDD site. Gary took the time to help with the whole process of uploading the resumé and showing me how to submit my resumé. I highly recommend them and will return again if I ever need another update.

Gerard DiGiovanni

I wanted to thank you again for helping me with my latest resumé revisions. Your help and advice over the years have changed my career path for the better. I always get compliments on my resumé. Everyone tells me how professional it looks and that they want to use mine as a template. If you are looking for a job and want the best resumé writers in town go to AAA McKinstry and talk to Frank and Gary, they are very professional and you will walk into your next interview full of confidence.

Christian Himmler

I wanted to take the time and let you both know how much I appreciate all you have helped Rick with. My initial call to your business was as a result of getting absolutely nowhere with online services that basically refused to meet with him to start this resumé process. I had zero luck with LOCAL services. As you can imagine red flags went up when I either got no response or told they never meet with anyone.

When I spoke to Frank he was welcoming, knowledgeable and willing to meet with Rick during RICK’s schedule! Also the fact that you are an actual business with an office. If you recall, Frank, that was my first question and I am sure it sounded odd. I have written my own resumé throughout the years, but Rick’s was way out of my league and I knew I would never do it justice.

Thank you so much for all of your guidance and patience with him during the process. FYI I found you on line with this search, TOP RESUMÈ SERVICES IN ORANGE COUNTY. Probably should have said THE ONLY TOP RESUMÈ SERVICE IN ORANGE COUNTY. He does not feel as hopeless seeking a new practice as he did prior to meeting with both of you and getting an amazing resumé. I know he is amazing and have known it for over 45 years. Again, thank you so much for being professional, interested and invested in his job search.

Debbie Verdugo
August 9, 2013

Went to AAA McKinstry for just an update on my old resumé. Thought it needed some changes. Boy, they made the changes. It looks so much more professional and I already had some good bites. Now feel good about getting a new job. Highly recommend these guys. They are the best!


Thank you for all the help your company gave me in updating my resumé. After being with the same company for 17 years, I had no idea where even to begin. Your staff asked me extensive questions about my experience and pulled information out of me that I wasn't even aware was of any significance. You then put together a stunning resumé and gave me tips on how to make sure my resumé would stand out from the rest.

During interviews, they repeatedly complimented me on how impressed they were with the setup. I even had one manager say she was going to follow my resumé format and some of the wording when she updated her resume. Your suggestion of sending the resume directly to the company I was applying with as well as putting it online was extremely helpful. I was fortunate to be offered a position in the same field I have been in for the past 17 years within 30 days. I would definitely refer anyone looking for a professional resumé to you and your staff.

Joyce Bestor
May 19, 2013

5 stars!! You will be given the best resumé possible. I honestly get compliments on my resumé from most everyone that sees it. Frank and Gary will sit you down and will make sure they know everything about you in order to create the ideal resumé for you. They will also speak to you and give you tips on interviewing and what employers look for in a candidate. In this day and age you need a resumé that stands out from the rest and AAA Mckinstry will give you the best possible chance at landing your next job or career.


I was apprehensive at first on spending the money on a resumé, but I reconsidered since I was investing in my future. I took my niece, a recent graduate of CSFU, and myself to meet with Frank. It was the most informative visit and they were so patient with both us. My new resumé was sent out to employers and within 4 weeks I had a job offer. My niece had a job offer in two weeks with her professionally done resumé. They offer a no obligation consultation but it is worth the time and money. I intend to return to this company if I ever need to update my resumé in the future.

Cindy C.
January 30, 2013

Absolute good service. I had my resumé updated since I now find myself in the job market. Very pleased with the result. AAA takes their time listening to you and capture all your skills and experience. Couldn't have done it myself. Thanks to Frank and Gary I can now start my job search. Keep up the good work!

December 4, 2012

Being that my career has advanced since my last review, I felt it important to write a follow-up review for Frank and Gary. Since having my resumé re-written by these two gentlemen, I not only received a VP job at a large Fortune 50 Company, but have also been contacted numerous times by recruiters for other current openings. Both recruiters and internal HR executives have commented on how well done my resumé is and how it really helps to set me apart.

The best investment you can possibly make is in your own career. Investing in Frank and Gary to re-write (and subsequently update) my resumé was the best investment I ever made. I am now the youngest VP in my business line and believe strongly that I would never have even gotten this shot had Frank and Gary not helped me to fix my resumé. If you are ready to take your job search and or executive profile to the next level, than these are the guys to work with. Google cut my review off before I could finish writing great things about them. Superb experience from soup to nuts!

Jason H.

Not only are they great resumé writers but what impressed me the most was their customer service. They e-mailed me promptly and always returned my phone calls. Unlike other companies Mckinstry takes the time to meet with you and speak with you directly. They will answer any and all questions. Your resumé is in editing until you are fully satisfied (which was the case with me).

My resumé was exceptional. I applied for a job and I received a call back for an interview that same day, they commented how impressed they were with my resume. I was so happy with their work that I returned for an update of my resumé. I highly recommend using their resumé writing services in order to get the job you want.

July 5, 2012

I have been using AAA McKinstry for over a year and they are always professional and do a great job. The resumé is professionally written and customized to my industry. The final product is always delivered on time and high quality.

Paul M.
June 9, 2012

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my resumé, as well as getting it to me so promptly. I passed out several resumés at the dental convention in Anaheim last week and I am already getting e-mails requesting interviews.

May, 2012

What great, fast service! What a difference I saw immediately after sending my new and improved resumé! The in-depth interview really helped to describe my skills and experience, and they used a great format and phenomenal wording and expression. This resumé writing team catered to all my needs and were so patient with me throughout the whole process! I would highly recommend them for any resumé you ever need!

March 27, 2012

A great resumé service! After looking through many different resumé service websites, I decided to call Frank to get an impression how they work. As I am not a US citizen, it is harder to get a job for me, and I thought a professional resumé would help. Frank gave me tips even before I decided to buy his service.

I had two interviews with Frank and Gary and got my new resumé back after one week. It didn't look like the old one at all! We e-mailed back and forth to do some edits. They were always open to my comments and suggestions. Now, after sending my new resumé out, I get more responses and invitations to interviews. It looks like I finally have a chance! AAA McKinstry provided me an incomparable service and it was worth every penny!

March 12, 2012

I have had two resumés made at AAA McKinstry. It was the best decision I have ever made. Frank and Gary are very professional and pay great attention to detail. The whole process is organized and they still add a personal touch after they meet you and converse with you for a while. I have referred AAA McKinstry to a close friend and would always feel comfortable and confident in referring Frank and Gary. A professionally written resumé is a must-have in today's world. This will be the best decision you have ever made.

February 10, 2012

I have to give Frank and Gary at AAA McKinstry a lot of credit for jumpstarting my career. I truly believe that the professional resumé that they provided me is how I got where I am today. Especially with the odds against me with being a new grad with no experience, I was still able to land a great job. I highly recommend this service to anyone who doesn't have confidence in their resumé.

David K.
February 3, 2012

AAA McKinstry staff has done such a wonderful job with my resumé. They have given expert advice and presented my resumé so well, with format and style, always emphasizing my strengths and best characteristics. They have done my resumé several times in past 10 years, or so. I always get compliments from others on my resumé, and people want to know where I had it done. They are very professional, thoughtful, and ethical, easy to work with. I certainly rely on them, and they are so helpful in getting things done right.

C. Smith, Huntington Beach
December 5, 2011

I had great success with the true professionals at AAA McKinstry Professional Resumé Services. Frank and Gary carefully explained the process very clearly and started on my resumé right away. I felt very comfortable as I answered several important questions and learned a great deal about the importance of a very Professional Resumé. In less than 1 week, I received my NEW resumé and cover letter. I was very impressed with all of the content and as I interviewed for different positions I was able to work with Frank on multiple revisions at a minor cost to tailor my resumé for each opportunity. I highly recommend AAA McKinstry Professional Resumé Services for you next Professional resumé.

Graham K.
November 1, 2011

I hope you both are having a good day! I love my RESUMÈ! I can't begin to tell you how much better and professional I feel! I procrastinated 5 months on this! You have covered all my most important skills and then some. I also appreciate the little Yellow letter of Resumé hints. Just knowing you are there to help with all your experience and sincerity is very much appreciated! You will definitively stay on my referral list as the GO TO company. I look forward to working with you both!

Melody K.
October 20, 2011

After researching various resumé services, I found AAA McKinstry; as a result of their stellar rating from the Better Business Bureau and solid reviews, I decided to give them a try. From the moment I sent the first e-mail to inquire about their services, I was impressed! Working with Frank and Gary has been refreshing to say the least; they are what professionalism is all about. Both Frank and Gary took the time to speak with me in detail about my goals and past work history.

Even before I made my purchase, Frank gave me a thorough critique on my resumé and explained what it would take to make it stand out. Each time I e-mailed or called them, no matter what the question was, I received a prompt, helpful response. They made me feel as though I was a number one priority and took the job of preparing my resumé very seriously. I am fully pleased with the end result! After just a few short days, I was given a resumé that was clean and very well-written. This resumé definitely shines!

While it is clearly tailored to my specific goals and work experience, it also targets my strengths in a way that could accommodate any position. I am proud and eager to present it to potential employers!! Working with AAA McKinstry was a decision I am very happy with. This was an investment well worth the price!! Thank you guys for going above and beyond and making this such an easy experience!

Vanessa G.
August 6, 2011

WOW!!! is the best words to describe the fantastic work you did on my resumé. I would highly recommend anyone who is actively looking for work and finding it hard out there to use Frank and Gary. Totally professionalism from beginning to end. From the moment I met Frank I knew I was in good hands. He constructively tore my current resumé apart listing all the negatives and produced a work of art. What impressed me the most was that Gary actually took the time and effort to research my previous employer to get a better understanding on what I did. After 100 applications with my old resumé and not one interview I knew it was time to get my resumé updated and reviewed. After one day with my new revised resume I have my 1st interview. Should have seen these guys a long time ago. Again thank you for all your help, well worth the money. As of now I treat my resumé as an investment.

Paulo P.

I wanted to let you guys know that I ended up getting three fantastic job offers (in large part thanks to the amazing resumé you helped me craft). I have ultimately decided to accept a job with GE Capital as an Assistant Vice President. Just wanted to give you the quick update. Thanks again for everything!


I recently met with you to prepare a resumé reflecting my job experience spanning over 34 years in the field of education. With your assistance and experience, you assisted in preparing a resumé that reflected my summary of qualifications and expertise which landed an interview in a competitive field. As a result, I recently was named Superintendent of a high performing school district in Orange County. In addition, I also appreciated your interview tips that landed me the job! Your services have been extremely professional, timely and beneficial. Thank you again for your services and personal touch.

Beverly H.
May 10, 2011

WOW! WOW! WOW! Let me say that one more time, WOW! Frank and Gary are amazing at what they do. I came to their office with an outdated, unorganized, unprofessional resumé and they produced SOLID GOLD for me. Within one hour of posting the revised resumé they created for me on the internet, I received four phone calls for potential interviews. Believe it or not, I have now landed a final round interview with the company of my dreams and I really do in large part owe this to the resumé Frank and Gary created for me.

Your resumé is so important and if you are serious about getting noticed in a difficult job market, or if you are seeking that dream job like I am, Frank and Gary can help. They really take the time to not only understand your background, but to ensure that your resumé sets you apart from every other applicant. I did a lot of research on these guys before I hired them to re-write my resumé.

I couldn't be happier with the work product they produced for me. Not only did Frank and Gary re-write my resumé. But they also gave me some great interview tips and helped guide me in my job search, even though they had no obligation to do so. If you are looking for brilliant and highly ethical people to help you get noticed in today's job market, then look no further!! Thank you Frank and Gary for all your help/hard work.

Jason H.
April 26, 2011

I really love your work. AAA McKinstry's style of service is personalized to fit every individual's preference. As I walked in door, I knew I was in the right place. Everyone was really welcoming, which made me feel comfortable and I was able to express my needs. The work turned out fabulous and I will continue to do business with your service in the future. I also referred my sister Monica to you. Thank you.

Gina Marie S.
April 13, 2011

I was trying to put together my resumé for four consecutive nights and was getting frustrated. I convinced myself that I could do it if I can only focus and if I have the time! I have not done a resumé in so long because I really didn't have to. So I didn't know if I was using the correct format, layout, more so the appropriate words. That's when I knew I needed help.

I called AAA McKinstry and spoke to Frank. All I wanted was to find out the cost and the time frame. However, one question led to another, and to another. During the course of the conversation, Frank was very pleasant on the phone. He could just have told me to come in for consultation but instead; he took the time to accommodate all my queries. I knew then that I was dealing with a professional! Gary, on the other hand made me feel so comfortable when I came in the next day. He guided me through the process and was very patient overall.

I tell you, how a business make a customer feel is very critical to its success. Frank and Gary have not only gained my business, but also my respect. I am very happy with the resumé they put together for me. I am positive that this will help me land in a job I most desire and most qualified for. Thank you for your professionalism and outstanding customer service!

K. L. Goode
April 1, 2011

I just wanted to take this opportunity to say, "thank you for your wonderful service". We put my resumé together the 3rd week of January. I sent them out the next week. Interviewed with several companies in Feb..and landed a couple of offers. I will start my new career on March 7. Thank you for your advice, tips and an astonishing resumé. I have recommended your service to my colleagues and friends. Have an incredible day.

Betty V.
March 4, 2011

I went to AAA McKinstry to explore their service. I was frustrated having lost money on two resumé services that could not deliver an acceptable resumé. One was an online company that had me fill out a questionnaire for all of my current information. Not only did they not input any of my current information they did not include anything from the questionnaire either, so that was a complete waste of time. This is one of those life lesson where you get what you pay for. In order to get a great resumé you need to pay for a great writer, that will sit with you face to face, analyze, critique and be creative with your resumé. It is money well spent when you get the job of your dreams!

February 22, 2011

I could hardly wait to check my e-mail, the rough draft AAA McKinstry sent me was amazing, and I knew I hired the right people! I received my final draft just 3 days after I had an interviewed with Gary. I have re-written my resumé at least 10 times, and now I see I could have used my time more efficiently by hiring a professional a long time ago! Frank, Gary and Tracy made me look so good on paper, that I feel confident I will be employed by the company of my dreams.

Judy H.
February 21, 2011

I have had the opportunity to work with the AAA McKinstry team on several occasions, over the last 7-8 years. Approximately 8 years ago, our credit office was being closed. As a result, fifteen people would be losing their jobs. We consulted AAA and ultimately retained their firm to help these people update their resumés. Frank took the time to meet with each person on an individual basis.

Each resumé was well written and brought out the strengths of the individual. My resumé was also updated. I circulated my resumé and within 3 weeks, I had an interview. I accepted the position as Credit Manager and held the same position for three years. As I sought to expand my credit experiences in different industries, I once again felt it necessary to update my resumé.

AAA conducted their standard interview and updated my resumé accordingly. After eight interviews with a prominent media company, I was hired as Region Credit Manager for the Americas. I am convinced that AAA's resumé services were instrumental in my ability to land these jobs. The resumé assisted with getting my foot in the door. The minimal cost to draft a desirable resumé far outweighs the potential of never getting a foot in the door because the resumé was poorly written. When necessary, I will go back to Frank and seek his resumé assistance.

Brian B.
January 6, 2011

I first used AAA McKinstry in 2008. I put my first resumé together myself from an online template and results were low. I went through a couple of different people that dealt in job placement to help me rewrite the resumé and results were the same. When I was recommended to AAA McKinstry I went to their office in Santa Ana and sat down with Frank for a consultation.

I was shown the resumé templates and even at the time I remember thinking that I would love to be able to present a resumé like it to potential employers. I almost walked away at the time because of the quote and my monetary position at the time but I went forward with it. Gary asked me some questions and presented a proof via email later that week. I am glad I decided to do it.

The professional format and the way that Frank and Gary instructed me to present it at interviews have opened up opportunities that I know I would not have received with a standard resumé. Interviewers do take notice of it and do make comments regarding it. I am currently having my resumé updated to a newer format and am happy with the professional manner and knowledge that Frank and Gary have. It was the best choice that I have made.

David Frala
October 25, 2010

I highly recommend this service. I was recently faced with a job search. Thought I had a good resumé but didn't get any hits. So I decided to get a professional one done. Best decision I made! I was able to sit down face to face with a writer vs. these on-line services. They were able to gather all my skills, experience, etc. The end result was unbelievable. Would never been able to do this myself. Within days I got calls for interviews and landed the job I desired and hoped for.

Jetti H.

I recently used AAA McKinstry resumé service and it was the best decision I made in my job search! Prior to using AAA McKinstry, I was very frustrated and was about to give up in my job search. I had applied for hundreds of jobs, but my resumé was horrible and I wasn't getting interviews. After I got my new resumé from Frank, literally within days I was getting call backs from companies. WHAT A BIG DIFFERENCE! I finally landed a great job and it was because of my resumé! I highly recommend AAA and will use them again in the future if I am exploring new career opportunities.

Adrian S.

I just want to thank you for your help and service. I FINALLY GOT A JOB, NOT ANY JOB, BUT A GREAT JOB!! After almost a year and feeling like I was at a dead end, I got a job. I believe 100% that I wouldn't of got this job if it wasn't for my resumé you made me.

Amir Saint Ghasri

After paying one resumé writing service and being let down by the quality of the work done to my resumé I was nervous and unsure if I should try another! That's until I found AAA McKinstry. I showed up not expecting much after being failed by one service and asked to pay 160 dollars up front by another resumé writing service before they even knew my name. I sat down with Frank one of AAA McKinstry resumé writers and was immediately impressed with how professional and organized he presented their service and what they could do for me. He spent close to an hour going over with me my information, skills, qualifications, etc., and what type of resumé best suited my needs before ever even mentioning a price.

After sitting and talking with Frank I knew that he would provide a top notch eye grabbing resume! Once I received my resumé I was thrilled at how professional and well organized it was. It was night and day difference between the resumé AAA McKinstry did and the previous resumé service I went to. Have already told several friends and family members to go to Frank at AAA McKinstry for an outstanding resumé.

Austin T.
August 27, 2010

Want to thank you for developing and updating resumés for me during the past 10 years. Throughout the years various hiring managers had many fine compliments regarding the professionalism and structure of the resumés. They found it easy to understand my career goals and along with past experience. Without your service, I probably would have received less interest and fewer interviews. Back in 2001, I recommended your service to two former co-workers and they became your clients. They were very happy with the service your firm provided.Once again I will recommend your service to others.

Steve W.
June 30, 2010

I was recently let go from a company with whom I was with for three years. It was now time to look for another job and go through the dreaded interviews. I tried using my old resumé and just changing the dates of employment so that it would be up to date. After three weeks of interviews without any return calls, I decided to use a resumé service to help me out with this interviewing process, in hopes that I could be more noticed.

With only four years of experience and a total of three jobs, AAA McKinstry helped turn my resumé from one people just look at for two seconds and throw into the trash, to one that could not go unnoticed. I was made aware of this change as soon as I went back on the job search. I uploaded my new resumé on and and immediately received a number of interviews with companies I would've thought in the past I was unqualified for.

After three more weeks of interviewing, I was hired as an account manager for a large company. In conclusion, I have AAA Mckinstry to thank for helping me with my resumé, and with the interviewing process. I highly recommend their service to any person who is looking for a job or looking to change careers.


After being in professional field sales account management for the last 20+ years and at my previous employer for nine years, I didn't know where to start in updating my Resumé. I did a Google search and up came AAA Mckinstry Resumé Service. From this beginning consultation to the final deliverable of my resumé, the entire staff treated me with the patience and professionalism everyone deserves.

With years of industry knowledge, they know how to review capsule and high light all your strengths to get you in front of the prospective employer and then the rest is up to you. I value my relationship with AAA Mckinstry and I'm thankful to have them on my side in an extremely completive job Market. I maintain contact with them yearly and highly recommend them to anyone that wants to receive maximum results!

Richard Olive

While researching various resumé services, I found that many of them posted reviews that were very similar in context and were written recently which makes me suspicious and wonder how long they have been in business. Since I prefer a service that has been around for a long time, I selected AAA McKinstry. After all, they have been in business since 1952.

My "new and improved" resumé was truly the best. I now felt confident in my job search and within several weeks, I received numerous calls and landed the job of my dreams. I highly recommend this service. Frank, Gary and your team, you did an outstanding job capturing my talents and skills on paper. I wouldn't be where I am today without your expertise. Thanks for a job well done!

Debra B.

To the staff at AAA McKinstry. Thank you so much for rewriting my resumé. After being laid off from a computer company I had been finding it difficult to get a call back after submitting my resumé. Your resumé service has put life in my employment search. Since posting my new resumé on the job sites and forwarding it to prospective positions, I am now getting phone calls to set up interviews in this most difficult employment environment.

After spending a short time with me and reviewing my original resumé you able to create a strong, eye catching resumé. Again, thank you for expertise in building my new resumé to reflect my strong skills and key points. I strongly recommend people searching for employment to use your services to improve their chances of capturing the eye of the employer.

Cecilia B.

I have been in the commercial lighting industry for 21 years. My industry has been hit very hard in the economic times, and as a result, I was laid off. I drafted my own resumé, which I've been sending out to every lighting distributor, manufacturer, etc. that I can find, with no luck, as the lighting industry is continually getting hit even harder. At that point? I knew that it was time to start looking outside of my industry. The only problem is that with the resumé that I drafted, I knew it wasn't going to be effective in my search, as it screamed lighting. I had no idea how to draft a general resumé, So, I went to AAA McKinstry for help.

We had a short 30 minute over the phone review of my employment history, qualifications, experience, etc.. And 2 days later, received my resumé via email. I was floored when I received the final draft!!!!!!!!! AAA totally overhauled it, and it looks absolutely wonderful! It is so professional!! The wording and the layout is amazing!! I was beside myself that I did not go to them earlier! I am also beside myself that I've been sending the one I drafted out for all this time, especially in these times when good jobs are few and far between, and competition is immense! Thank you AAA!! I have already referred a friend of mine to you today! Thank you so much again!

Denise Wyatt

I recently had my resumé prepared by AAA McKinstry and was quite impressed with their exceptional resumé writing abilities. They made my abilities sound a lot more important than I really am and I have had quite a lot of responses to my well done resumé. I found them to be extremely professional and I highly recommend this service to anyone needing help with their resumé and believe me, if you wrote it yourself, it can't be as good as what this company produces.

Angie Kesh

This service is truly the best you can ask for in today's competitive job market. Not only have they been in business for many years, they also offer personal attention to your needs. It was so nice to be able to deal with a person face-to-face rather than an on-line service you will never meet. They really take the time to get to know you and wrote a personalized resumé that highlighted my skills and strengths. I was able to get interviews within days of sending out my resumé and secured the job that was right for.

Many employers I interviewed with complimented me on my resumé. The best part is that they can update it no matter where you are in the world. I recently relocated to Europe and needed my resumé updated and sure enough, AAA McKinstry had my data on file and was able to make the necessary changes which in turn got me the job I wanted overseas. I highly recommend this service.

Bill Johnson

This service is the best I have encountered. And I shopped around! They are local, have a professional staff right there in the office and they take the time to understand your specific needs and how best to market you. I highly recommend this service to anyone in need of a resumé. I thought I could do it myself at first, but was not getting the interviews so I decided to get it done professionally. Best decision I ever made. Their rates are competitive and they offer a full spectrum of services. They are truly your best alliance in your job search or improving your career!!!!

F. Berry
February 28, 2009

Thank you so much Gary and Frank. Did you ever see such a work of art. I truly love it. Of course I can't thank you enough for what you have created. I am so blessed to look back at my life and see all my accomplishments presented in such a beautiful way without giving away “My Age.” I feel like I have many more years of employment ahead of me $$$. Thank you again.

Gail W.
February 26, 2009

Thanks for revising my Resumé. I went to a job fair at St Jude Hospital and they have recently called me in for an interview. So thanks so much for your fast and fabulous work on my resumé. You guys are the greatest. I don't know how you can word things so well. You make me look so good! I could never have written that resumé myself. I hope I land this job. It is only minutes away from my house.

Cynthia S.
November 10, 2008

I just thought I would tell you the good news. Thanks to your resumé I am now a Survey Business Analyst for G. S. May. The Vice President of the company personally picked up my resumé and handed it to the HR Department. They all remarked the resumé just caught their eye and it was just who they were looking for. You have a fine team of writers there. I arrived in Florida and within 10 days I achieved my goal and now work for a very prestigious company. I would highly recommend your services.

Christie C.
August 28, 2008