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For Employers

As a member of the American Search and Placement Association, we strive to provide the utmost in contingency and retained searches for our clients. With candidates derived through our resumé service, networking with other agencies and direct recruiting, we offer our clients a substantial base of qualified individuals.

Our services entail more than simply referring candidates. The first step in our placement process is to screen out unqualified or overpriced candidates and present to you only candidates that meet your qualifications. The second phase includes coordinating schedules for interviews. In the third phase, we can conduct thorough reference checks on candidates that you want to consider. The fourth phase includes salary negotiations. Oftentimes this is where employers and candidates get discouraged and what appeared to be an ideal match falls through. As a third party, we discover the common ground and have saved several employers from restarting the interviewing process all over again.

After a candidate is hired, we follow-up with both sides to ensure mutual satisfaction and prevent any misunderstandings.

With our unique access to candidates from all professions we are able to successfully locate individuals in all fields and levels of responsibility from hourly to executive. We do, however, have certain specialties, and they are: hospitality, accounting, engineering, medical, sales and executive management placements with salaries up to $600,000 and above.

Employer Options

Many employers pay between 15% and up to 30% or above of the candidate’s first year’s earnings possibly costing tens of thousand of dollars.

We offer three options to our employers for permanent placements.

  1. Contingency Recruiting/Search at 15% of estimated/actual first year annual salary with a 30 day free replacement guarantee.
  2. Retained Recruiting/Search with an exclusivity guarantee starting at $5,000.00 or above depending on the difficulty of the search.
  3. For employers who would like to advertise on their own in various online media, but get inundated with hundreds or thousands of resumés, and do not have the time or staffing to handle the proper screening of these candidates we offer the following:
    1. You could or we could write the job advertising for publication with our company contact information to keep your company anonymous until the scheduled interview.
    2. All resumés received will be reviewed and prescreened by one or two experienced personnel counselors. Candidates that meet your requirements will be invited into our office for personal screening. Candidates will fill out our application forms, or yours, and go through an interview process.
    3. Or, we could just prescreen the resumés and only forward the resumés to you that meet your criteria.
    4. Depending on your requirements we could prescreen candidates for education, personality, skills, stability, appearance, attitude, references, etc., based on an hourly rate with a minimum of $2,500.00 deposit. (Hourly rates vary depending on experience level of personnel counselor and complexity of screening)

Executive Search Placements

Our professional resumé service bestows us a unique advantage in the placement of executives. There are not many services with the capability of composing resumés or curriculum vitaes for executives, therefore, we have first access to these individuals prior to any other firms knowing of their availability.

Our strict guidelines in confidentiality assures these executives of our commitment to provide the utmost in service to them. With our long-term presence in Southern California, we have the benefit of attracting executives from a myriad of industries including Aerospace, Advertising, Agriculture, Banking/Financial Services, Biotechnology, Distribution, Food Services, Health Care, Information Systems, Manufacturing, Petroleum, Transportation and Tourism.

Sales Placements

Through our resumé division we are continually apprized of highly talented salespeople in all industries and services. For our employer clients we draw from this prime source as well as perform direct recruiting in order to provide employers with a consummate choice of candidates from which to choose. Our selection process entails the screening of candidates who have successful experience in selling to your target market. We factor in the type of sales, i.e.: product/service, long term vs. short term and inside/outside to arrive at the most suitable candidates. Here is just a brief sample of the fields in which we have gifted salespeople: Apparel, Biomedical, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Construction Services, Electronics, Engineering Services, Financial Services, Food, Industrial Products, Insurance, Medical Services, Sports Equipment, Telecommunications and Transportation.

Medical Placements

For health care providers, we offer the unique skill of assessing requirements based upon facility, i.e.: hospital, urgent care, multi-specialty group or private practice, with candidates possessing experience in all of the environments. We place at all levels of the health care industry from hourly based technicians to Administrators and Physicians/Surgeons including Neurosurgeons. With all of our search assignments, our goal is to provide for you, through our comprehensive screening process, the most qualified candidates based upon your skill requirements and compensation structure. The following is a list of health care professions in which we have candidates: Administrators, Back/Front Office Personnel, Dentists, Hygienists, LVNs, Medical Billers, Office Managers, Phlebotomists, Physical Therapists, Physicians, RNs, and X-ray Technicians.

Engineering Placements

With our resumé services and network contacts, we provide for our clients the combined resources of several search agencies. This enables us to achieve a better perspective of your individual needs. In the first step, a Search Counselor will inquire in detail the qualifications that are necessary for the position, as well as the exact duties to be performed and the end use of the engineering application. This allows us to provide a concise illustration of your needs so that we can present only qualified candidates. The following are the engineering fields that we handle: Biomedical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Environmental, Industrial, Manufacturing, Mechanical (Design) and Mechanical (Process).

Hospitality Placements

Through the years, AAA McKinstry has developed a substantial nationwide base of contacts and candidates with experience from three star limited service hotels to 5 star luxury resorts. These candidates have backgrounds as: Vice President, General Manager, Director of Operations, Director of Sales and Marketing, Sales Manager, Food and Beverage Director, Executive Chef, Pastry Chef, Chef de Cuisine, Sous Chef, Director of Catering, Catering Manager, Restaurant Manager, Human Resources Director, Reservations Manager, Rooms Director and Front Office Manager. AAA McKinstry can also advise clients of current market trends and salaries with regard to prospective positions.

Accounting Placements

Our consultants have extensive experience in placing individuals in all accounting levels from Bookkeeper to Chief Financial Officer. We adhere to strict guidelines in the selection and placement process of accounting personnel. We first assess your needs and then begin the selection development to present most qualified candidates based upon your requirements and compensation structure. We additionally provide free consulting services with respect to skill requirements and salary. Through our resumé services and networking resources we have a generous candidate base of: Accounts Receivable Staff, Accounts Payable Staff, Payroll Managers, Full Charge Bookkeepers, Staff Accountants, Auditors, Cost Accountants, Financial Analysts, Controllers and CFOs.