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Business Writing Services

Our professional writers specialize in composing text that is clear, concise and informative. There are multiple applications to which our writing skills are effectively applied. The following is a description of what we include in various writing projects.

Business Plans

Generally the focus of these are lending institutions or private investors for the purpose of company's acquiring capital. Therefore, we compose in a manner which appeals to lenders and investors. They desire information pertaining to the main purpose of the company, market analysis, cost analysis, sales estimates, organizational structure and the backgrounds of key personnel. The purpose of the plan is to provide the relevant data and assure the reader that the company will provide fiscal returns.

Company Profiles

The target of these are similar to the business plan in addition to potential clients. The content covers many of the same categories, however, the writing style reflects a marketing approach. Potential clients want to know what your product/service can provide for them, your ability to produce and reliability.

Executive Biographies

These provide an excellent public relations appearance for companies and they allow clients or investors the opportunities to know key personnel on a more personal basis. The content is similar to our resumes, but the style is much different. Resumes are written in first person and biographies are written in the third person. These grammatical variances create a much different expression.

Website Content

As your website is often the initial contact you have with potential clients, the content should be precise. We incorporate the philosophy that newspapers have used for hundreds of years. Establish a clear headline and follow it up with text that is direct and to the point. Since space for text on websites is almost limitless, we are allowed to expand in greater detail if you choose. The web sites are essentially electronic versions of the above listed documents, with an even greater emphasis on marketing, and our writing style can reflect your individual needs. Additional business/writing services that we provide include personal statements, typing, editing, proofreading, speeches, flyers, brochures, timed writings, ghost writing, etc.