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Resume Tips for Stay at Home Moms

February 14, 2019

While it's becoming a norm for families to have two working parents, over a quarter of American children still have stay-at-home mothers who primarily takes care of them and doesn't work outside the home. The average stay-at-home mother spends 18 hours per day caring for children and the home's basic needs, compared to 11 hours for the working mother. Your work inside the home is important and dedicated, but you fear as you enter the job force for the first time in years that your accomplishments inside the home won't be appreciated in a career setting. How do you get a job as a stay-at-home mother when your job experience is limited or you have large gaps in your resume for work outside the home? This guide will assist you in creating an impressive resume for potential employers to help you get a job to support your family on a part- or full-time basis.

Recognize Your Skills

As a stay-at-home mother, your skills are both needed and impressive for a workplace setting. Your skills in money management, multitasking, working hard under pressure, meeting deadlines, and being a team leader are all worth noting for any career. View the roles you perform daily - to keep your family functioning- as assets for the workforce. This mindset will prepare you for creating an accurate resume for your job search. Write down the types of tasks you do every day in your home, even if you don't feel your accomplishments are transferable to a professional setting. For example, keeping track of and paying the bills of the home while balancing your family's finances is perceived in the workforce to be basic accounting and book-keeping skills.

Showcase All Working Accomplishments

It's better to list the entry-level job you had in college or your high school experience in fast food than it is to leave whole parts of your work history blank. Employers recognize that a primarily home-based mother will have lapses in employment, and they will appreciate even a minor work history in returning-towork applicants.

Furthermore, a resume that is full of what you can do but not what you have done in the workforce may raise eyebrows with a potential employer or cause your resume to be overlooked.

If you have no working history, you can still list accomplishments that are noteworthy to an employer: volunteering at your children's schools, Parent Teacher Organization contributions, community volunteerism, and other non-paid leadership roles should be listed on a resume. Highlight your positions in volunteered roles; a potential employer will see your natural leadership qualities. In addition, your ability to raise a family, care for the home, and manage community roles will make a positive impression.

Hire a Resume Writer

The average corporation receives 250 resumes for a single job posting. Only a small percentage of resumes sent in for a job even make it to the desk of the hiring recruiter, which means your chances of getting a job with a basic resume are slim. There are many factors that go into a successful resume, including:

  • Easy-to-read flow
  • Error-free verbiage
  • Stellar cover letter
  • To-the-point skills

Invest in a resume writer to create a cover letter and resume on your behalf. According to KnockEmDead, an entry-level resume costs an average of $400, while a resume for higher-level experience can cost upwards of $1,000.

Your employment agency will assign a resume writer to you who will go over different design and layout options for the ideal cover letter and resume for your needs.

Entering the workforce after your time as a stay-at-home mother can feel daunting, but the right resume and cover letter will help you excel in the career of your choice. Our resume writers at AAA McKinstry Personnel Agency and Resume Service will assist you in creating a custom resume today.