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Post Smarter Job Ads to Attract Better Candidates

August 2, 2019

Job ads are the key to find the right employees for any position. But many managers and owners don't know how to create an advertisement that attracts - and focuses on - the right candidates. Doing so will help ensure that you spend less time and money on hiring and have better retention over time.

So, what can you do with your job ad that will improve the results? Here are a few changes you can make today.

Include an Instruction
A simple way to find good candidates from the beginning is to provide a few instructions and see who follows them. Most people who fill out applications and send in resumes do the same thing for each job ad with little attention or planning. The result is a huge pile of resumes that you have to then spend extra time screening for certain benchmarks.

Instead, create a gate of sorts and instruct candidates to do something specific rather than send in a cookie-cutter resume. You might list a particular challenge the company faces and ask candidates to explain how they would address it. Or you could ask for a specific job-related personal experience the candidate has had. Whatever you choose, you can learn more from responses than from an application.

Sell Your Company
Finding the right fit isn't just about the company looking for the right staff person. It's also about candidates seeking the right work environment. If you hire a person who doesn't fit into the company culture, you're more likely to lose them and end up spending money to search for a replacement.

To help candidates learn if your business fits their personalities and goals, tell them a little about the business. You might discuss the growth or challenges faced in the past few years, your expected goals in the next years or a short note written by company management. Ask the department or employees who will interact with the position to help you identify the most important aspects of the job in question.

Direct People to Your Site
Your company's website should reflect the values, personality, strengths, and goals of the business. If it does so, then use the site as a way to find good candidate matches. Direct candidates to the website - perhaps a careers page where they can apply directly - so they can get a sense of your company while they look around.

On the Careers page, include helpful elements like introductions of key staff members, more detailed information about the position, or a video overview of the company for candidates.

You can also link to other relevant areas of the website, like the About Us page, executive biographies, or the services provided by the company. The more you help a person learn about your business, the more informed their decision will be.

Hire a Professional
If you don't get the kind of quality candidates your business deserves, consider hiring professional, outside assistance. Because a job ad is either the first road block for good candidates or the best way to appeal to the right people, it deserves to be crafted by a professional.

Look for companies that specialize in business writing and have a solid history of recruitment success. Discuss the challenges your company has already faced in getting or keeping the right staff as well as your goals for this position.

At AAA McKinstry Personnel Agency & Resume Service, we offer a variety of services to help you find the best candidates for your company no matter what type of person you seek. Call today to learn more about the resume, screening, and writing services we can provide.