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What to Ask Yourself When Job Applications are Ignored

October 15, 2018

The process of applying for jobs can be extremely frustrating when you don't get called in for many interviews. If you submit dozens or even hundreds of applications without getting a response, take a look at what you maybe should be doing differently. Ask yourself these questions to try to get to the heart of the matter.

Are You Only Responding to Online Job Ads?

Try to diversify your job hunt. Don't rely solely on online job ads. When a company places a job ad online, they may be swamped with hundreds or even thousands of responses if the open position is especially desirable. You'll stand out more if you ask around about companies that may be hiring and bring your resume and application to businesses in person.

Are You Posting the Wrong Things Online?

Many prospective employers use search engines to find and check applicants' social media pages. If your friends like to tag you in selfies from nights you enjoyed on the town, those photos can leave the wrong impression on HR departments. If the most recent photos of you on your page look as if you are always out partying, you may not get called in for an interview.

Figuring out exactly what might be off-putting to a potential employer can be tricky, but you can safely assume that you shouldn't write about anything controversial. Keep things mild and upbeat. Don't vent about your personal life or write about your political opinion. Treat social media like a professional space.

Are You Wasting Your Time on the Wrong Jobs? 

If you are casting a wide net while applying for jobs, you may be doing more harm than good. If you apply for jobs that you're over-qualified for, you may feel that you're more likely to get them. However, if a job recruiter sees that you're too experienced for the position, they may not call you in for an interview because they think you'll leave the company too soon after being hired.

Are You Following Up on Applications?

Assess whether you are following up on enough of your applications. Although it can be annoying to a small percentage of business owners, following up on a job application can bring attention to your resume and ensure that you aren't overlooked in a large influx of applicants. Simply be unobtrusive and express your interest through a brief email.

Is Your Resume Holding You Back?

Oftentimes whether you get a job interview depends on how effective your resume is. If you are submitting your resume to a variety of relevant positions but not hearing back, the problem may be that your resume doesn't sell you well. Invest in a resume-writing service to ensure that your resume is expressing what you want employers to notice and focus on.

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