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Reasons to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

February 15, 2018

Spending all of your spare time applying for jobs without ever hearing back is demoralizing. When searching for a new job, it's a great idea to have as many tools at your disposal as possible. Paying a professional resume writer can transform your job search into a positive experience and get you a great job much faster. Here are four reasons to pay for a professional resume.

A Professional Resume Speaks Hiring Manager
One of the biggest reasons to hire a professional resume writer is that they will reword your skills and experience in a way that gets the attention of a hiring manager. In essence, they will translate anything confusing on your resume into understandable terms.

This is especially important if your career path is in a niche or technical area. To an HR Manager or outsourced hiring specialist, all of the technical jargon on your resume may be unclear and confusing. Your resume writer will include all of your relevant skills and experience, but word things in a way that is clear and makes sense to experts and non-experts alike.

A Professional Resume Gets Past Keyword Scanners
Many companies use an Application Tracking System (ATS) to screen resumes before a human hiring manager ever takes a look at them. This makes hiring much more efficient, especially for roles that receive hundreds of resumes. However, it can be tricky because resumes may be discarded by the software before it even makes it to a hiring manager.

A professional resume writer understands how keyword scanning works. They can pick out the important keywords in any job listing you're interested in and expertly incorporate them into your resume. Most importantly, they will do this in a way that makes sense within the context of your resume so that it isn't obvious once your resume makes its way to a human reviewer.

A Professional Resume is Polished
In most cases, a busy hiring manager will only spend seconds on each resume they review — deleting the ones they're not interested in and setting aside the rest. The "maybe" resumes will then get a closer look. This means your resume must make an excellent first impression if you're going to have any chance of getting that great new job you have your eye on.

A professionally prepared resume will pass this first impression test by being polished and easy to read. There will be no typos or grammatical errors. The font will be consistent and the formatting will be clean and professional looking. A busy hiring manager will be able to quickly scan your resume and quickly see the most pertinent details — including skills and education.

A Professional Resume is Objective
Your work history, education, and personal and professional attributes probably feel deeply personal to you. For this reason, it is difficult to be objective and unbiased about your own resume. On the other hand, a professional resume writer sees your resume project much more clearly and objectively — much like a hiring manager will.

Part of a professional resume writer's job is knowing which details to cut and which to emphasize. That employee award you forgot about may be the achievement that shows you go above and beyond in the workplace. On the other hand, that computer certification from twenty years ago may now be obsolete and detract from your resume instead of strengthening it.

As you can see, there are many benefits to outsourcing your resume to an expert. Paying expert resume writers to craft an attention-grabbing, professionally crafted, and polished resume will help you stand out from the pack of other applicants. Contact us at AAA McKinstry for more information on our resume services.