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How AI (artificial intellegence) Could Change Job Search

October 21, 2019

Been trying to find a position and are just not getting calls back, it could be that you aren't appealing to an AI, not a human. Here's what you need to know.

Your Grades, Test Scores, and Even College Might Not Matter
A lot of people aren't used to this, but your grades, test scores, college, or even your experience might not matter to an AI recruiter. AI recruiters comb real life data to determine which employees are most likely to be effective. It turns out that grades and test scores don't seem to have a large impact on whether an employee will be good in a position.

In fact, even being a high-performing professional in a different company doesn't necessarily mean that you'll transfer over well to a similar role. An AI is going to look at a lot more than numbers, which is something that many people wouldn't expect.

Your First Interview May Be With a Chat Bot
Some companies are now doing initial employee screenings through chat bots. Rather than going through a phone interview or an interview with a low-level manager, you may find yourself typing in your interview answers through a chat bot. The chat bot will process your answers and will determine (with the help of a human) whether you move on to the next stage.

This may seem odd, but it actually saves everyone involved time. The chat bot can answer some important, in-depth questions that the company requires to qualify you, and you'll be able to complete an interview at home, in your underwear.

What the chat bot is looking for may depend on the business. They may be looking for specific answers to questions, or they may just be doing an early qualification.

Your Resumé Should Be AI-Focused
Above all, getting your foot in the door is going to change. Today, you need to make sure your resumé and cover letter are readable to a machine - while still being attractive and readable to a human.

Your resumé can't be processed by an AI if it isn't in the right format. You should send a readable PDF. Your resumé does need to have certain keywords in it because finding these specific words is how the AI understands whether your resumé is even relevant to the job position.

Making your resumé as simple as possible is also important, which is why so many people request that you provide a text only copy of your resume. Otherwise the AI may miss certain words.

Your Resumé Can't Trick the System
When it comes to AI and machine learning systems, the first impulse is usually to game the system. Why not add an entire job listing into your resumé, hoping to get a call back? Why not change your resumé completely, from top down, to include all the keywords from the initial listing? Well, AI systems can detect this type of thing too, and a human reader definitely will.

While you do want to make sure your resumé, cover letter, and candidate responses are tailored to your position, going too far and trying to trick the system can have the opposite effect.

The world is increasingly automated. If you're looking for a new position, you're probably more likely to run into computers before you run into people. And that means that you may need to change some of your strategies.

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