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About AAA McKinstry Resumé and Personnel Agency

As America's oldest, and most up-to-date resumé writing service and Orange County's first employment agency, AAA McKinstry offers extensive experience while incorporating the most current, effective methods in the complex employment hiring process.

Our knowledgeable staff can provide solutions for employers and candidates through our comprehensive selection process and presenting only pre-qualified candidates who match their desired salary ranges. We are a generalist agency with specialties in hospitality, accounting, engineering, medical, sales and executive management placements.

For candidates, we offer specialized and personalized resumé composition. Our resumés incorporate psychological and marketing aspects to effectively market candidates through use of visual appearance, concise writing and content. We integrate the advice we receive from employers into our resumés. This ever changing feedback allows us to remain current with both what employers want to see in a resumé and what they view as negatives in resumés.

Our writers are highly talented in presenting the greatest amount of information in the fewest words. This provides the employers the information to meet their interest but not too much that they would not read the resumé.

We compose resumés that are state-of-the-art, without the outdated job objectives or goals. With our copyrighted style of resumé, you will not be immediately discarded into the not considered stack, due to unstable or too stable employment dates in left or right margins. With our style of resumé, employers will view your skills, abilities and personality before seeing your job starting and ending dates. The success in the employment and resumé fields, allows us to effectively provide an array of business writing services including company profiles, executive biographies, business plans, web site contents, speeches, timed writings, flyers, brochures, biographies, ghost writing, etc.