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InterviewWith a Certified Personnel Counselor (CPC) and Certified Employment Specialist (CES) on staff, AAA McKinstry has a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating and is America's oldest, and most up-to-date resumé writing service and Orange County's first employment agency. AAA McKinstry offers extensive experience while incorporating the most current, effective methods in the complex employment hiring process.

For candidates, we offer specialized and personalized resumé composition. Our resumés incorporate psychological and marketing aspects to effectively market candidates through use of visual appearance, concise writing and content. We integrate the advice we receive from employers into our resumés. This ever changing feedback allows us to remain current with both what employers want to see in a resumé and what they view as negatives in resumés.

PersonnelOur writers are highly talented in presenting the greatest amount of information in the fewest words. This provides the employers the information to meet their interest but not too much that they would not read the resumé.

Our knowledgeable staff can provide solutions for employers and candidates through our comprehensive selection process and presenting only pre-qualified candidates who match their desired salary ranges. We are a generalist agency with specialties in hospitality, accounting, engineering, medical, sales and executive management placements.

We Guarantee Our Professional and Executive Resumés...

  • Personalized resumé writing
  • No template formats
  • One-on-one personal interviews
  • Skype for out-of-area clients
  • No online, lengthy application forms to fill out
  • Meet the writers who will write your resumé in person
  • Do not trust your career to an (only) online service
  • Contact the local Better Business Bureau to rate the resumé service
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

10 Things to Look for When Considering a Resumé Service

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Do you employ professional employment trained writers to produce the resumé or typists?
  3. Do you have various options, styles and prices of resumés or just one or two styles?
  4. How do you stay up-to-date with current industry trends?
  5. Do all of your resumés follow a standard format, or do you customize for each individual?
  6. Do you offer follow up and updating services? How long do you keep my resumé information on file?
  7. Do you work out of your home or are you in a committed business office location?
  8. Is the resumé service a one person operation at that location?
  9. Do the testimonials/reviews show dates or just sound generic and are undated?
  10. Can your resumé service write for recent graduates as well as up to physicians and top level executives?

Employment Services

Our employer paid agency and recruiting service is available to all potential candidates and is not limited exclusively to our resumé clients. Our goal is to provide mutually satisfying placement services to both the candidate and the employer, therefore, confidentiality for both is of paramount concern. Oftentimes candidates do not want it made public they are seeking new opportunities. Likewise, employers do not want it known that they are looking to outside sources.

Employment ServicesThe first step in our placement process is the submission of a resumé. After a Personnel Counselor reviews the resumé and there is an open position, the counselor will telephone you. The counselor will then describe the position to you in detail, including: duties, location, hours, salary and description of job requirements. If you are interested in the position the consultant will then either schedule an in-person interview or present your resumé to the employer, depending upon protocol.

We do not send out resumés without your knowledge. After interviewing with our client companies, the counselor will negotiate the salary on your behalf. Our philosophy is to provide each candidate the maximum amount of knowledge per position/company as to allow the candidate the ability to make an informed decision. This results in mutual satisfaction and longevity for both the candidate and employer. We strictly adhere to all labor laws.

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